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Vegan Meal Plan 11 – Holy Cow Vegan

Welcome to your weekly vegan meal plan #11! It’s been 11 weeks already since we’ve been sharing these meal plans (which come complete with meal prep instructions, an allergy guide and printable shopping list). We hope you’ve been finding these useful. If you have any suggestions for us on tweaks or improvements you’d like to …


Chestnut Xacuti – Holy Cow Vegan

This chestnut xacuti is a spicy, creamy curry loaded with flavor from caramelized onions, spices and mushrooms. Serve with basmati rice for a delicious Goan-style dinner! Goan food, with its Portuguese influences, is among the most distinctive and delicious of India’s diverse cuisines. Think richly spiced curries like vegetable vindaloo and vegan feijoada. Now here’s …


Quinoa Biryani – Holy Cow Vegan

This quinoa biryani has aromatic grains of quinoa in a spicy, delicious masala of black chickpeas, or kala chana. It’s an easy weeknight dinner that’s ready in under 45 minutes! A biryani may be one of the most indulgent Indian foods, but it can easily be transformed into a super-healthy– and decadently delicious– weeknight dish. …


Vegan Irish Shepherd’s Pie – Holy Cow Vegan

This vegan Irish Shepherd’s Pie has a savory, aromatic base of lentils, tempeh and vegetables topped with creamy mashed potatoes that bake up crusty on the edges. This flavorful, meatless version of a classic Irish shepherd’s pie is hearty, healthy and full of veggie goodness. The pie has a hearty, protein-packed filling of crumbled tempeh, …